"Come lavorare coi portali asiatici"
(How to work with Asian Marketplaces)

- A pratical manual to know and to utilize all main web marketplaces in Asia.

“Il potere del domani”
(Tomorrow’s Power)

- Bio-techonology, fiction and reality in a possible future scenery.

"Zia Suelita e il progetto del diavolo"
(Aunt Suelita and the devil's project)

- A novel about the conflict between faith and temptations.

“Orecchie da Mercante”
(Deaf Ears)

- Adventure of a consultant in italian SMEs.

“Italian scenarior & numbers”
- A severe reading of the Italian economy and perspectives.

"Noi, Ausiliari della Sosta"
- A short essay about the present Italian economical crisis and the possible scenarios of evolution.

- A new spy novel about the underground war to control the evolution of the biotechnologies.

“Il Controllo del domani"
- A short essay about the researches into life expectancy and control, and new developments.

“Neo-Situationist Marketing”
- Marketing discipline revised according the neo-situationist philosophy.

"Food processing machinery"
- A complete analysis of this important industry in Asia.

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